Meet Thapelo Kgopodithate

Meet Thapelo Kgopodithate

In the heart of the Northern Cape’s JTG area, one farmer has truly captured our admiration at SerDev. Meet Thapelo Kgopodithate, a dedicated police officer and an even more passionate farmer. The images were taken during a baseline survey at Van Zylsrus, showcasing Thapelo’s impressive herd of cattle and their offspring.

Despite farming in one of the driest parts of the JTG, Thapelo has managed to maintain one of the best-looking herds we’ve seen. His commitment to agriculture is evident, and he understands the critical importance of being able to produce one’s own food. His journey hasn’t been without challenges, facing an immense shortage of grazing veld for his cattle, yet his resilience shines through.

Thapelo’s vision extends beyond his farm. Recognising the power of community, he founded the famous Makawana Farmers Stokvel. This innovative initiative allows farmers to save money throughout the year, ensuring they can purchase essential farming inputs when needed. This stokvel not only supports Thapelo but also helps fellow farmers in the region.

When asked about the secret behind his thriving cattle in such a dry area, Thapelo simply said, “it is all in the mind.” This statement encapsulates his passion, commitment, and visionary approach to becoming a self-sustained commercial livestock farmer.

Thapelo Kgopodithate has not only met but exceeded our expectations, proving that with determination and a strong community spirit, great things are possible even in the toughest conditions.



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